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Single Sign-On (SSO)

Make the everyday life easier by offering your employees, partners and customers safe and easy access to the resources they need with a single password.

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  • Benefits

    • Better user experience and higher productivity of work
    • Reduces service requests and costs related to passwords
    • Centralized identification improves information security and strengthens the compliance of log in and password processes with regulations
    • The use of shared workstations becomes safer and users can be changed faster


Quick access to information and applications with a single password

With Propentus United Identity's partly integrated access control solutions, you can offer your employees, partners and customers a quick and reliable single sign-on to information systems and applications whether they are situated in the internal network, a cloud or the environment of an external service provider.

Better user experience

The user experience is improved when users only have to remember one password by means of which they can quickly access the information and applications they need. Remote users also have safe access to the necessary resources regardless of time and place.

Increased productivity of work

The productivity of work increases when users do not have to spend time on remembering passwords or waiting for locked identifiers to open. Time is not required for entering information on numerous log-in windows either but the applications covered by single sign-on are available once the user has logged in to the computer.
Support and service requests connected with passwords are greatly reduced, which in addition to cost savings also releases support and maintenance resources to other tasks.

Better information security

The information security of the organization's network environment and applications improves, because applications and systems requiring log in use centralized authentication in single sign-on. Users only have to remember one password, so the organization has better opportunities to have them use strong passwords and change passwords at regular intervals.
Single sign-on also supports a variety of sign in methods, from which you can choose the alternative that best suits your organization (smart and contactless cards, biometric identification etc.) When the validity of the user ID expires, access to all applications covered by single sign-on also ends.

Safe use of shared workstations

Single sign-on also allows the safe use of shared workstations. Especially in the health care sector, industry and commerce several employees may be using the same workstation so one person may log in to several devices during the working day. When single sign-on is in use, logging out from the workstation will automatically log the user out from all the applications used, and the workstation is immediately ready for the next user's log in.

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