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Privileged Account Management

Manage privileged accounts and the related target systems effectively in a single system and control the access to databases, applications and cloud environments.

  • Ikoni
  • Benefits

    • Access to administrator-level functionalities can be provided without disclosing administrator credentials.
    • It is possible to define on a system-specific basis what can be done with the credentials, when and from which equipment.
    • The complete traceability associated with administrator credentials makes it possible to check each and every action afterwards, which in turn makes audits easier to carry out.
    • The actions of users can be monitored even at the level of a single press of a keyboard key, allowing early intervention in and prevention of risk behavior.


Secure privileged account access to business-critical systems

Integrated as part of Propentus United Identity, the privileged account management solution allows you to effectively manage administrator credentials and the related target systems in a single system.

Credentials assigned quickly and in a controlled manner as and when needed

Control the users’ access to administrator credentials in a centralized manner. The system allows you to define on a system-specific basis who is allowed to use the credentials, what they are allowed to do with them, when and on which equipment. Users are required to request for a user name and password separately for each session, and the password will only be valid for that session. This is to ensure that administrator credentials are only available to the right individuals and only when needed. In some cases, the user may be referred to the target server directly from within the user interface, in which case the password to the target server need not be shown to the user at all.

Complete traceability

All actions related to controlled administrator accounts are traceable. The solution provides real-time information about which business-critical target systems the current administrator credentials provide access to and what the users concerned are doing in them.

Real-time risk management

The solution gives you an overall view of what people are doing with administrator credentials in your organization so as to enable proactive identification of potential risks. Effective risk management tools enable recording and viewing user actions even at the level of a single press of a keyboard key. Risk behavior can be limited by automatically interrupting the session or by entirely preventing access to the system.

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