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Mobile and Cloud Enablement

Make sure that your employees, partners and customers have easy, safe access to cloud services regardless of time, place and equipment.

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  • Benefits

    • Quicker access to cloud services, which can also be used safely by means of mobile devices.
    • Centralized equipment management allows the utilization of the users' own mobile devices.
    • The security of the organization's environment is improved when the company's identification information is not stored in the cloud or on mobile devices, and the protection level of the services can be improved through multi-factor authentication.
    • Limiting access only to applications required by the work tasks translates into cost savings and strengthens regulatory compliance.

Ensure smooth access to cloud services – also with mobile devices

With Propentus United Entity and its integrated cloud service access control solution, you can administer the cloud services and applications you are using and also their user accounts and the terminal equipment by means of which they are used.

Safe, easy access to cloud services

With the solution, you can connect the SaaS (Software as a Services) applications of your organization to single sign-on. Applications can be entered by logging in to the organization's cloud service portal. Even new users receive quick access to Office 365 tools, for example, because approving user rights in the Propentus United Identity system automatically launches the insertion of a new account. Centralized authentication keeps the company's authentication information away from the cloud and protects it against external threats.

Safe access also by means of mobile devices

Offer safe access to cloud services for people using their own or the organization's mobile devices regardless of time and place. With the solution, administrators can administer all equipment in use in a centralized manner. When an employee leaves the company or if a device in use is stolen or lost, the organization can make sure that access to the organization's resources from the device can be prevented. Users can also remove their devices from the register. Risks related to the use of employees' own devices are reduced by the fact that the company's identification information is never saved on mobile devices.

Customize access according to the user's role

You can customize access to cloud applications from computers and mobile devices according to the user's role. For example, you can define the types of applications that each user sees, whether the applications can be accessed from a computer, a mobile device or both and which browser should be used to operate the application. When you only limit access to applications that users need, you save costs and improve information security.

Multi-factor authentication

You can improve the protection level of people using cloud services e.g. by utilizing one time passwords (OTP). You can adopt one time passwords for one or several applications.

Monitoring regulatory compliance

With the solution's follow-up and reporting tools, you can monitor in real time who has used a cloud service or searched for related information. You can also identify persons not utilizing their existing accounts.

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