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Advanced Authentication

Strengthen the protection of business-critical information by flexibly utilizing several authentication methods based on users' needs.

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  • Benefits

    • The risk of misuse and information security attacks is reduced when several authentication methods are required at log in.
    • Information can be secured more strongly without loading the users, because different authentication methods can be flexibly combined according to the location of the user or the type of device in use.
    • High-risk events can be prevented and additional authentication required in the case of suspicious activities.
    • The regulatory compliance of the log in process is improved and its verification facilitated.


Strengthen the information security of your organization through multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution integrated into Propentus United Identity improves the protection of business-critical information. When the traditional password and user ID combination is no longer sufficient, you can improve protection by combining different types of authentication methods, such as smart cards, contactless cards, one time passwords, biometric identifiers etc. It is easy to insert new technologies, so the solution will also remain up-to-date in future.

Centralized, flexible administration

Through a networked-based management tool, administrators can supervise and administer all events smoothly and in a centralized manner. In the case of problems or risks, access can be prevented altogether or additional authentication required from the user.

The authentication methods required by different resources can be defined flexibly according to user, group or device and based on location. This means that the needs of different users can be taken into consideration both in the office and on the road, while also ensuring safe log in in exceptional situations.

For example, people working in the office can log in to their computers using a chipped ID card and PIN code or, if they have forgot the card at home, they can log in using the challenge-response method. People working on the road can use one time mobile passwords in order to log in.

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