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With Propentus United Identity, both existing and new systems and business processes can be seamlessly integrated as part of centralized identity and access rights management. By utilizing centralized identity data, many service processes can be wholly automated to make the operation of the entire organization more effective.

  • Ikoni
  • Benefits

    • Quicker access to cloud services, which can also be used safely by means of mobile devices.
    • Centralized equipment management allows the utilization of the users' own mobile devices.
    • The security of the organization's environment is improved when the company's identification information is not stored in the cloud or on mobile devices, and the protection level of the services can be improved through multi-factor authentication.
    • Limiting access only to applications required by the work tasks translates into cost savings and strengthens regulatory compliance.

Mobile and Cloud Enablement

Make sure that your employees, partners and customers have easy, safe access to cloud services regardless of time, place and equipment.

  • Ikoni
  • Benefits

    • Better user experience and higher productivity of work
    • Reduces service requests and costs related to passwords
    • Centralized identification improves information security and strengthens the compliance of log in and password processes with regulations
    • The use of shared workstations becomes safer and users can be changed faster


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Make the everyday life easier by offering your employees, partners and customers safe and easy access to the resources they need with a single password.

  • Ikoni
  • Benefits

    • The risk of misuse and information security attacks is reduced when several authentication methods are required at log in.
    • Information can be secured more strongly without loading the users, because different authentication methods can be flexibly combined according to the location of the user or the type of device in use.
    • High-risk events can be prevented and additional authentication required in the case of suspicious activities.
    • The regulatory compliance of the log in process is improved and its verification facilitated.


Advanced Authentication

Strengthen the protection of business-critical information by flexibly utilizing several authentication methods based on users' needs.

  • Ikoni
  • Benefits

    • Access to administrator-level functionalities can be provided without disclosing administrator credentials.
    • It is possible to define on a system-specific basis what can be done with the credentials, when and from which equipment.
    • The complete traceability associated with administrator credentials makes it possible to check each and every action afterwards, which in turn makes audits easier to carry out.
    • The actions of users can be monitored even at the level of a single press of a keyboard key, allowing early intervention in and prevention of risk behavior.


Privileged Account Management

Manage privileged accounts and the related target systems effectively in a single system and control the access to databases, applications and cloud environments.


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