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Left to right: Martin Schau, CEO, inTension GmbH; Antti Backman, Global Partner Manager, Propentus Oy; Frithard Meyer zu Uptrup, CEO, inTension GmbH Left to right: Martin Schau, CEO, inTension GmbH; Antti Backman, Global Partner Manager, Propentus Oy; Frithard Meyer zu Uptrup, CEO, inTension GmbH
Monday, 16 October 2017

Propentus announces Reseller agreement with inTension

Propentus and inTension have signed Reseller agreement on the 1st of October 2017 to jointly promote Propentus United Identity, Propentus' Enterprise Resource Authorization software, in the German market.

“The partnership with Propentus creates synergies that further enhance the value of our offering for companies”, says Frithard Meyer zu Uptrup, Managing Director at inTension and supplements: “Propentus United Identity will be the third pillar of inTension’s business: it’s a smart adaptable solution, running out-of-the-box ensuring short implementation time and low implementation cost. This further enhances our ability, to offer customers the solution that fits best to their requirement.”

inTension’s base technology iDome is intended as a basic framework and toolset to build custom IAM systems for large enterprise for customers, e.g. Deutsche Telekom. Login Master is a product focusing on the needs of customer portals (Customer IAM) and Extranets and provides Web-SSO, OpenID Connect etc. Combined with inTension’s 18 years of experience on the IAM market, customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will get the best products and consultation.

inTension provides well established understanding and competence in the Enterprise Resource Authorization space to be the perfect partner for Propentus and Propentus United Identity in the German market. The joint objective is to address broad customer base with the well proven technology and the expert knowledge and business networks that inTension has built in Germany. 

“As expanding our operations in Central Europe according to our strategy, the partnership with InTension is a major step for us. Our product has a clear potential in the German market area and utilizing the long-term experience of InTension we are able to meet customer needs even better”, says Sami Laaksonen, Director of Marketing and Partner Management at Propentus.


More information:

Sami Laaksonen, Director, Marketing & Partner Management, Propentus Ltd, 
+358 (0) 500 726 714, sami.laaksonen(at)propentus.com

Frithard Meyer zu Uptrup, Managing Director, inTension GmbH, 
+49 711 45880-130, frithard.meyer-zu-uptrup(at)intension.de


Propentus is a best-of-breed, Finnish enterprise software company that specializes in business-driven identity and access life cycle management. Having gained a comprehensive understanding of the needs and demands of a variety of industries, Propentus has empowered customers to manage hundreds of thousands of identities in over 30 countries, ensuring the right information is available to the right people at the right time.

As the most precise and efficient IAM solution on the market, Propentus United Identity and its supporting services combine IAM strategy, identity life cycle management, access management and reporting into one coherent whole that supports business processes and enhances IT security. For more information, visit https://www.propentus.com

About inTension

Our 18 years of experience in software development and consulting in the IT environment of large enterprises, and our enthusiasm for new technologies, have shaped our profile and development. We have dedicated ourselves to Identity and Access Management (IAM) since the company was founded and have always accompanied our customers with our expertise and our solutions in this area. For more information, visit https://intension.de

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