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Monday, 03 July 2017

Blockchain tehnology tested in supply chain information management

The EU-funded SmartLog project held a professional seminar and a live demonstration by Propentus of the supply chain related blockchain technology in Estonia’s largest cargo port, Muuga Harbour, Estonia, on 21st of June, 2017.

"The journey of ten sea containers was tracked and shared through nine measuring points, from ordering an empty container, loading it and delivering it to the harbor container field, and readying it for shipping. The measuring points consisted of data delivered to the blockchain application by roughly ten different companies", says Mika Lammi, the project leader of SmartLog. 

The current application version is numbered 0.2. Live, operative company data related to the status and movements of intermodal containers are already flowing through it. The development work continues, and more companies and data streams will be attached to the blockchain fabric in the coming months. This makes it possible to analyze the effect of the new way of sharing information more accurately.

"The development work has progressed as planned, thanks to agile project management and highly skilled professionals. The demonstration really concretized the benefits of blockchain technology", says Propentus' Business Director Mauri Kaski.

"The seminar talks created a very clear and concise picture on the state of the art of the logistics industry information management situation, and the role of blockchain technology in it", Mika Lammi states. 

The seminar and demonstration participants consisted of more than 70 professionals from Estonia and Finland. The most prominent Estonian logistics industry stakeholders were present, as well as the industry’s most relevant software developers. Members of Estonian governmental programs were also present, as well as numerous researchers and business developers.


More information:

Mika Lammi
Head of IoT Business Development
Kouvola Innovation Ltd
+358 20 615 6624

Mauri Kaski
Business Director
Propentus Ltd
+358 50 343 0102

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