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Propentus Ltd (later: Propentus)
Prikaatintie 9, 45100 Kouvola, Finland
Telephone: +358 (0)10 321 3150

Contact persons regarding the registry

Marketing Coordinator, Annika Valokari-Tähtinen
Prikaatintie 9, 45100 Kouvola, Finland
Telephone: +358 (0)10 321 3150, +358 (0)50 372 1690

Data Protection Officer, Heidi Eklund-Karvonen
Prikaatintie 9, 45100 Kouvola, Finland
Telephone: +358 (0)10 321 3150, +358 (0)50 374 9901

Name of the registry

Propentus contact information registry

Purpose of use and legal basis of personal data

Propentus contact information registry is based on a customer relationship, a potential    customer relationship, or other collaboration relationship.

Propentus contact information registry is used to maintain customer relationships, or to create new customer or collaboration relationships by using direct marketing and other address-based ways of sending. The registry is only used inside legal frame and based on recipient’s position in the company, the user’s consent, or purposes of use defined in the concluded customer agreement.

Contents of the registry

Propentus contact information registry contains following information:

  • Names
  • Contact details:
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Email address
  • Titles
  • General information on company
  • Data related to customer relationships
  • Data related to Propentus business

Unique identifiers

Person identifying information:

  • Cookies
  • Identifying login credentials and usernames in systems and services used by Propentus

Sensitive information

Propentus contact information registry does not contain information classified as sensitive.

Regular information sources

Information may be gathered in controller’s own activity, it can be given by data subjects themselves, or it can be disclosed from other person registries. Disclosures could include, e.g. email addresses in purchase registries.

Information transfers and disclosures

As a rule, information is not disclosed to other parties. Propentus Ltd uses the MailChimp email service for direct marketing and communication. MailChimp is a US American company, which means personal data are transferred to outside of the European Union. Nevertheless, personal data are protected as described in the Act on Personal Data (523/1999), and MailChimp also belongs to the certified companies’ list included in the Privacy Shield Framework between EU and US.

Principles of protecting the registry

Personal data in Propentus contact information registry are available for Propentus sales, marketing, communication, accounting, customer support, and other persons working in the customer interface to the extent that is required in their positions. All persons using the contact information registry are bound by non-disclosure agreement. Material in the contact information registry is protected by usernames and passwords.

Data security of Propentus contact information registry, and confidentiality, completeness, and usability of personal data are ensured with technical and administrative measurements. Data and service are protected with firewall, protection of physical equipment rooms, access control, access rights, encrypting technologies, and active control of all the aforementioned. Personal data are protected against unauthorized access, and illegal or accidental data handling.

Personal data are handled at Propentus only by designated persons, who work for Propentus, and by third parties that are commissioned by Propentus to maintain or develop services. These log in to the systems through their personal username and password.

Retention of data

Propentus keeps only information that is necessary to Propentus actions and purposes of data usage, and whose handling fulfills the legal prerequisites. Data that have become unnecessary regarding their purpose of use, outdated, or have lost justification for their handling, are anonymized or deleted with consideration of data security.

Right to check

Every person included in the Propentus contact information registry has a right to check their own information. Check requests have to be made in written and directed to the contact information registry responsible (Marketing Coordinator Annika Valokari-Tähtinen).

Right to rectification

Controller is responsible either independently or on data subject’s demand to rectify, remove, or complete information which is incorrect, unnecessary, inadequate, or outdated regarding its handling. Rectification requests shall be directed to the person registry responsible (Marketing Coordinator Annika Valokari-Tähtinen).

Other rights of data subjects

Personal data handling in Propentus business is statutory, which is why data subjects cannot forbid their data handling for as long as justification for data handling still remains (e.g. customer relationship validity time). Data subjects can be asked for consent if their personal data are gathered for other purposes than business activities. In disputable cases, data subjects should contact the supervisory authority of information security.


Propentus contact information registry is not used for automatic profiling of personal data.

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