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Boost and automate your business processes using identity data.

  • Ikoni
  • Benefits

    • Personal, organizational and employment data control automatic access rights management in real time.
    • Automation and role management speed up the processes of granting, changing and deleting access rights
    • Store-specific access rights can be defined as applicable.
    • People, both in-house and external, are provided with tools and access rights that are consistent with their work duties quickly and flexibly.
    • Access control is integrated as part of a centralized management process.
    • Real-time information and reporting on users, access rights and those who granted them improves the data security of your organization and facilitates compliance.


Boost your business by utilizing identity data

In the field of commerce, cost-effective supply chain management, the ability to respond to constantly changing customer needs and the utilization of new technologies are key factors in maintaining competitive edge. As far as the continuity of operations and data security are concerned, it is essential that people within and outside the organization have timely access to business-critical resources. For example, if a salesperson does not have the rights to sell, the costs arising from unrealized sales may soon rise intolerably high. The high level of workforce turnover and mobility makes it is important that access rights can be granted, changed and deleted quickly and in a controlled manner.

Propentus United Identity and the services supporting it make it possible to centrally manage both external and internal identities, be they of employees, partners or equipment. Centralized data repository:

  1. improves data security
  2. increases organization-wide transparency
  3. enables process automation.

Extensive reporting and audit functionalities ensure compliance with regulations and auditing standards in real time.

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