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Protect confidential patient data and make sure that healthcare personnel have access to the correct resources as and when necessary.

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  • Benefits

    • The management of multiple employment relationships makes it possible for a specific individual to act in several different roles with the correct tools and access rights.
    • Automation and role management speed up the processes of granting, changing and deleting access rights
    • Single sign-on makes everyday life easier and enhances the security of shared terminals.
    • The automation of routine tasks reduces the workload and costs of the IT department and the helpdesk as well as the creation of insufficient or incorrect access rights.
    • Real-time information and reporting on users, access rights and those who granted them improves the data security of your organization and facilitates compliance.


Boost your operations with centralized identity management

In hospitals and health centers, it is paramount to ensure secure access both to data and to physical premises and equipment. Confidential patient data must be protected in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations (e.g. HIPAA/HITECH), but to ensure best possible care and treatment, the healthcare personnel must have access to the right data as and when necessary.

Physicians and nurses working in shifts often move between different departments and units and use the same terminals. The rate of personnel turnover is high and some people work in several different roles within the organization. When the pace of operations is fast and changes occur on a continuous basis, substitutes, too, need to be quickly and flexibly provided with the correct tools.

Propentus United Identity provides healthcare organizations with a solution for centralized identity and access rights management. Centralized data repository:

  1. improves data security
  2. increases organization-wide transparency
  3. enables process automation.

Extensive reporting and audit functionalities ensure compliance with regulations and auditing standards in real time.

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