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Air and Sea Ports

Manage your employees’, partners’ and customers’ access to various sites and resources in important business hubs in a flexible way that remains in compliance with high standards of security.

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  • Benefits

    • Automation and role management speed up the processes of granting, changing and deleting access rights
    • People, both in-house and external, are provided with tools and access rights that are consistent with their work duties.
    • Background processes such as security clearances are made part of data-secure access rights management.
    • Access control systems are integrated as part of a centralized whole.
    • The number of service requests can be significantly reduced.
    • Real-time information and reporting on users, access rights and those who granted them improves the data security of your organization.


Strengthen the security of your organization with centralized identity management

Air and sea ports are important business hubs where several companies with hundreds of employees operate. Massive flows of passengers and goods pass through these hubs every day. The high security standards of the operating environment pose challenges for ensuring secured access to data and physical facilities and equipment alike.

Propentus United Identity provides air and sea ports with a solution for centralized identity and access rights management. Centralized data repository:

  1. improves data security
  2. increases organization-wide transparency
  3. enables process automation.

Extensive reporting and audit functionalities ensure compliance with regulations and auditing standards in real time.

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